2048 game

Board width:

Board height:

Auto scale:

AI move time (ms):

Playing the game: When you press the arrow keys, the blocks will shift towards the corresponding side of the board. If two blocks with the same number hit each other in this way, they combine into a block with a larger number and that larger number is added to your score. Traditionally you 'win' the game when you get a 2048 block, but this version lets you keep playing as long as you want.

Using a sprite sheet: This file takes a URL parameter whose key is 'spritesheet' and whose value is the URL of an image to use as a sprite sheet. The image should have the sprites oriented vertically, and every sprite should be the same size (ideally they should be square).

The following 'native' sprite sheets are currently available:

Astronomical objects (16 sprites)

StarCraft ground units (13 sprites)

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